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By | March 25, 2016

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Swiss Divers Watches – Luxury, Quality & Rugged Dependability

Rolex Submariner

(Image By Daniel Zimmermann)

Above: The legendary Rolex Submariner – the quintessential Swiss Made luxury divers watch, and the modern rendition of the original James Bond watch.

Introducing You To The World of Divers Watches

Whether you live and work in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia, the divers watches are omnipresent and ubiquitous at most luxury watch retailers. Even if you try, you won’t escape the divers watches at the luxury watch retailers around the world. It’s a matter of fact, the Swiss Made divers watches are so frequently worn by people across the globe that they may not even be aware that they are wearing them.

I would roughly estimate that at least 30-40% of all luxury watches available on the commercial market today are defined as divers watches, or water resistant sports watches. It could potentially be as high as 40-50%. specializes in Swiss Made Luxury Divers Watches, and offers you a complete shopping experience. Here you’ll find shopping catalogs, brand reviews, wrist watch reviews, and product recommendations. Here you’ll find more than 20 iconic Swiss luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling, TAG Heuer etc at competitive prices.

Swiss Divers Watch

This website is meant to optimize your online shopping experience by offering you:

  1. A directory – where you can do your shopping. You’ll find more than 20 respected Swiss luxury wristwatch brands.
  2. Swiss brand reviews, which you’ll find in the directory. The brand reviews are covering well over 20 respected Swiss luxury watch brands and manufacturers.
  3. Watch model specific reviews – in case you need in depth information on particular timepieces.
  4. A blog – where you can read my recommendations and where you can personally ask me questions. Expertise, advice, and personal recommendations are immediately and readily available to you on the site, while you’re shopping for Swiss luxury watches.
  5. Within the blog you’ll find a page called Luxury Watch Encyclopedia, which offers you over 50 questions and answers on all aspects of the world of Swiss luxury watches! The page serves as an encyclopedia and a list of recommendations all in one.

Swiss Luxury Watch

Here at Swiss Divers, quality gets top priority. This website does not cut corners.

At Swiss Divers, you’ll get the very best luxury watch reviews online.

Whether you are looking for luxury watch brand reviews, or reviews on particular timepieces, or whether you are looking for the best affordable divers watches, or the most prestigious divers watches – it’s all here on this website. Look no further.

If you ever need any feedback or support regarding a timepiece, I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with new information that I come across that I know you will find interesting.

I wish you all the best in finding the timepiece of your dreams and thank you for dropping by!

Cheers,Founder of Swiss Divers Watches5


Founder & Owner of Swiss Divers Watches




14 thoughts on “Buy A Divers Watch

  1. Javier

    Hello Alexander. You have created a great website. I’m looking for an affordable diving watch. Could you recommend me a brand?

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hello Javier and a very warm welcome to
      Yes absolutely – I can recommend you a few affordable and excellent Swiss brands.
      I’m not really sure which price segment you’re interested in but I have identified for you the most affordable Swiss brands available on this webite:

      1) Oris offers you divers watches mostly in the $1,000-$2,000 price range.
      2) Alpina offers divers watches mostly in the $500-$2,000 price range.
      3) Longines offers divers watches mostly in the $700-$2,000 price range.
      4) Maurice Lacroix offers divers watches mostly in the $2,000-$3,000 price range.
      5) TAG Heuer offers divers watches mostly in the $800-$2,000 price range.
      6) Tissot offers you divers watches mostly in the $300-$1,500 price range.
      7) And Victorinox offers you divers watches mostly in the $200-$1,000 price range.

      Hope this helps Javier and contact me if you need more help or assistance.

  2. Nelson

    Hey Alex! I’m a collector and I’m contemplating buying a diving watch either by Blancpain or Jaeger LeCoultre. Which brand in your opinion offers the most iconic diving watch?

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hello Nelson and welcome to swissdiverswatches.

      The answer is actually very straightforward: If you’re a collector, you should get yourself a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms which is the very first modern divers watch. It was released in 1953.

      Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is the very archetype of what a modern divers watch should look like and how it should function. It existed even before the Rolex Submariner – which was released just a few months later the same year, and the Omega Seamaster Professional – which was released in 1957.

      Jaeger LeCoultre is, in my opinion “the better” of the two brands, but Blancpain has, next to the Rolex Submariner, the world’s most iconic divers watch – the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms.


  3. Rick

    Hello there. What do you think of Panerai as a brand? Would you consider them to be real luxury watches and how do they compare to Rolex, Omega, Breitling and IWC?

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hello Rick.
      Panerai is absolutely a luxury brand – one of the most respected in the world. Even though they still rely primarily on Swatch Group’s ETA movements, Panerai started making their own movements just a few years ago so they have indeed joined the exclusive club of Swiss luxury watch manufacturers that make their own movements.

      This is just my personal opinion, which you can take with a grain of salt, but I’d personally rank Rolex, Omega, Breitling and IWC slightly above Panerai, with regards to fame, reputation, impressive and imposing history, impact on watchmaking history and impact on modern culture and technical innovations, robust and durable watches, accurate movements, and market presence.

      However that said, I would definitely rank Panerai among the world’s top 15 luxury watch brands. Panerai is a premium brand without question. No need to be worried Rick. If you like Panerai you should buy one for yourself and wear it proudly and confidently.


  4. David

    Hi Alex. This is really a great website and since I’m into diving watches as well and I’m currently looking for one I’m glad that I just discovered this site. A quick question: do you think that Breitling’s movements and diving watches stack up against Rolex and Omega? I’m a bit worried because I don’t want an “inferior” product. I’d appreciate your advice.


    1. Alexander Post author

      Hello David and a warm welcome to

      Breitling Avenger II Seawolf is probably the most extreme divers watch that Breitling offers today. It has a water resistance of 3,000 meters/9,843 feet. However Rolex tops that with its Rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea that offers you a water resistance of 3,900 meters/12,800 feet.

      Omega Seamaster Ploprof “only” offers you a water resistance of 1,200 meters/3,940 feet.
      If you’re looking for the most “extreme divers watch” amongst these three brands you have to go with the Rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea.

      However, even a water resistance of “merely” 300 meters/1000 feet is more than sufficient because most professional divers won’t go that deep anyway. So while it’s reassuring that a watch can withstand hundreds or even thousands of meters below the sea it makes no practical difference because most people won’t go diving anyway and most divers won’t go that deep.

      All three brands – Rolex, Omega and Breitling are known to make highly water resistant divers watches – the seals are tight and their watches won’t leak – unless you’ve accidentally left the crown open.

      So as far as water resistance is concerned: all three brands are excellent. You can safely pick a Breitling and wear it proudly and confidently.

      As far as movements are concerned: all Rolex’s movements are in-house made and extremely accurate and exceed COSC standards. Rolex’s movement’s are famous across the world for keeping time accurately and reliably. The same could be said by the way of most of Omega’s movements even though not all their movements are in-house made. The Omega 2500 Co-Axial movement is essentially a heavily modified Swiss automatic ETA 2892-A2, while the Omega 8500 Co-Axial movement is partially “in-house” but even more accurate than the Omega 2500 movement. Almost all of Omega’s movements are COSC certified.

      All Breitling’s movements – even the standard ETA movements, are COSC certified, but the honest truth is that most quality watches today are expected to exceed COSC standards anyway. Most of Breitling’s movement’s are generic ETA movements and I won’t prevaricate: they aren’t as accurate and as reliable as Rolex’s in-house movements, or Omega’s 2500 and 8500 calibers.

      The big difference in performance comes when you opt for Breitling’s in-house made movements such as “Breitling 01”, with 47 jewels, 28,800 vph, and a 70 hour power reserve, and “Breitling 04”, with 47 jewels, 28,800 vph, and a 70 hour power reserve. Breitling 01 is a chronograph movement and Breitling 04 is a combined chronograph and GMT movement.

      If you want Breitling’s very best movements (Breitling 01 or Breitling 04) go with the Breitling Chronomat 41 Collection or the Breitling Chronomat 44 Collection, and if you want Breitling’s most extreme divers watches, then you should pick Breitling Avenger II Seawolf – which is equipped with a standard Breitling automatic Caliber 17, which is essentially a base Swiss automatic ETA 2824-2, with 25 jewels, 28,800 vph.

      Breitling’s very best movements are probably comparable to Rolex and Omega while Breitling’s most extreme divers watches are among the best divers watches that you can find today.


  5. Christopher

    Hello Alexander. I’m sure you’ve heard this question before, but which is the ultimate and “best” diving watch – the Rolex Submariner or the Omega Seamaster Professional or the Omega Planet Ocean? Which watch would you personally recommend?

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hello Christopher and a very warm welcome to

      Indeed I have heard and read this question many times before, and there is no harm in answering the question again, but at the end of the day the answer to your question really comes down to two things:
      (1) Personal taste – design, aesthetics & dimension of the watch
      (2) Technical and mechanical specifics.

      Only you can know which is the “right” design.

      As far as steel grade and build quality are concerned, Rolex Submariner has the best steel grade and best build quality of the three particular watches you mentioned. I’ve held all three in my hands dozens of times – more times than I can count. I have examined the “solid feel” of the bracelet and clasp, and the feeling of the bezel, and to what degree it turns smoothly and evenly, and on all these accounts, it’s the Rolex Submariner which is the clear winner.

      As far as accuracy is concerned, I actually think that the Planet Ocean is slightly more accurate than either the Rolex Submariner or the Omega Seamaster Professional.

      As far as comfort is concerned: I have to give a slight edge to the Rolex Submariner while the Omega Seamaster Professional is a close second, while the Planet Ocean – due to its hefty weight and thick case, is a distant third.

      As far as fame, status, prestige, history, heritage and impact on modern watchmaking and impact on modern culture are concerned: Rolex Submariner wins hands down. There is simply no comparison here.

      The most iconic and famous design: again I have to give the edge to Rolex Submariner.

      Resale value: Rolex Submariner.

      The watch that is most intimately associated with the James Bond Movie franchise: Omega Seamaster Professional.

      All three watches are excellent and iconic in their own right.

      Most mechanical and automatic luxury timepieces out there, cannot compete with the build quality and movement accuracy of Rolex Submariner, Omega SMP and Omega Planet Ocean, but as an overall watch, with user friendliness, quality and practicality and a timeless elegant design taken into account, I’d say Rolex Submariner has the edge.


  6. Mike

    I love your website I must say. If you would recommend me some professional heavy duty and extreme dive watches, what particular brands and models should I take a look at? And what sets Swiss dive watches apart from say Seiko and Orient?
    Thank you

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hello Mike and a warm welcome to Allow me to ask you some specifics. When you’re saying extreme divers watches, are you referring to models with a water resistance exceeding 1000 meters/3280 feet? If that’s the case, I can recommend you the following collections:

      Alpina Seastrong
      Bell & Ross Marine
      Breitling Avenger II Seawolf
      Breitling Superocean M2000
      Breitling Superocean II 44
      Hublot King Power Oceanographic
      IWC Aquatimer 2000 Meters
      Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Q184T470
      Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200
      Oris ProDiver
      Rolex Sea Dweller 4000
      Rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea
      Zenith Defy Xtreme

      Essentially it’s quality materials, craftsmanship and very stringent quality controls in the factories that set Swiss watches apart from non-Swiss watches in general.


  7. Vijay

    Hello Alexander! We share the same interest in dive watches! How could I possibly have missed this website? Are you a retailer?

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hi Vijay and welcome to
      This is actually a blog but it contains divers watch catalogs with recommendations on where you can purchase particular brands and models.


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