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What Can Offer You? is a watch directory and a blog. offers You:

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This website exists for the sole purpose of helping and aiding people from all over the world who are interested in purchasing Swiss Luxury Watches, and more specifically – Swiss Divers Watches, online, by offering a watch directory, watch reviews, and recommendations, and where to find these highly coveted Swiss watches below retail price online. 

How I Can Assist You

You’ll find Swiss Divers Watches covering well over 20 excellent and prestigious Swiss luxury brands, below retail price on the web, in the website’s directory, called Shop By Brand.

If you need advice on which Swiss brand/manufacturer or timepiece you should pick – contact me either at my email or at my Blog.

Please list:

  1. Your specific requirements – regarding movements, brand/manufacturer, accuracy, functions, aesthetics etc.
  2. Your budget.
  3. Your daily needs – meaning what you will use your timepiece for on a daily basis.

I’ll do my very best to find, and recommend a watch that most likely would match your daily needs, and aspirations – and where to find it below retail price online.

Please feel free to contact me for general inquiries, specific questions, watch brand specific questions, watch model specific questions, and advice on which specific timepiece would most likely match your personality and daily life.

I’d be more than happy to help you out, and to answer your questions. Since you spend lots of money on a Swiss Luxury Watch – you deserve attention, advice, and support.

If there is a particular brand or timepiece that you are looking for but can’t find at the website, you are more then welcome to contact me. I’ll do my very best to find your requested timepiece.

How I Cannot Assist You

Please notice that is a watch directory and a blog only. does not sell, stock or deliver any merchandise of any kind, neither to private individuals nor to any enterprises, businesses or companies, and has no control over products and product descriptions on any third party sites that is linked to. has no control over the available stock.

I might be able to contact the retailers, and kindly ask them to add watches, and models that you might be looking for, but it is still the retailers’ choice whether or not to make particular watch models available.

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Founder and Owner of Swiss Divers Watches