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Maurice Lacroix Brand Review

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Maurice Lacroix – Based On Functionality & Simplicity

History, Mission, Manufacture, Movements, Reputation, Ranking & Pricing

Maurice Lacroix Brand Review By Alexander – Founder and Owner of

A Review of Maurice Lacroix’s history

Maurice Lacroix is a rather new Swiss Luxury Watch brand, founded in 1975, with headquarters in Zurich in Switzerland. Maurice Lacroix is a subsidiary of Desco von Schulthess, and this company has roots in the silk trade and was founded in 1889.

Maurice Lacroix(Image By

In 1975, a company called Desco von Schulthess started to manufacture watches. They chose the brand name Maurice Lacroix.

In 1980, Maurice Lacroix became so successful that its production facility in Saignelégier ceased producing watches and watch components for third parties.

In the 1990s, Maurice Lacroix expanded considerably and became a financial success and entered the exclusive club of Swiss luxury watch manufacturers.

In late 2006, Maurice Lacroix presented its very first in-house made automatic movement called ML 106.

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A Review of Maurice Lacroix’s mission

The purpose of Maurice Lacroix is to develop, design and manufacture watches with unique and powerful designs coupled with a workmanship of Swiss quality and standard.

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A Review of Maurice Lacroix’s manufacture

Maurice Lacroix Calendrier Retrograde(Image By Rama)

Maurice Lacroix manufactures approximately 90,000 watches a year.

Maurice Lacroix’s main areas of competence are case production and casing, production of movement parts, controls/tests, assembling, polishing, decorations and finishes.

The overwhelming majority of Maurice Lacroix’s movements are either ETA/Valjoux movements procured from Swatch Group or Sellita movements procured from Sellita. That means Maurice Lacroix may set their stamp or name on the movements, but basically, it isn’t their technology.

Sellita movements are basically ETA-clones – the difference between basic or standard ETA movements and Sellita movements is negligible.

Brands or watch manufacturers that opt for Sellita do so either because their movements are more affordable or because Swatch Group can or will no longer supply certain watch brands with Swatch Group’s ETA/Valjoux movements.

Bell & Ross is another example of a Swiss brand that employs Sellita movements.

In 2006, Maurice Lacroix however, did move up the ladder and hierarchy of Swiss luxury brands. At the end of that year, Maurice Lacroix presented its very first in-house made automatic movement called ML 106.

Since 2006, Maurice Lacroix has developed and released several other automatic in-house movements – some of them are chronograph movements and some of them aren’t.

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A Review of Maurice Lacroix’s movements

Most movements employed by Maurice Lacroix are either ETA movements made by Swatch Group or Sellita movements made by Sellita. Some movements employed by Maurice Lacroix are in-house made.

Maurice Lacroix Pontos Diver:

  • Maurice Lacroix automatic movement ML 115, base movement Swiss automatic Sellita SW200, with 26 jewels, 28,800 vph, and a 38 hour power reserve.
  • Maurice Lacroix automatic movement ML 112, base movement Swiss automatic ETA/Valjoux 7750, with 25 jewels, 28,800 vph, and a 46 hour power reserve. This movement is used for chronographs.

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A Review of Maurice Lacroix’s reputation

Maurice Lacroix has a good reputation and is available at several retailers around the world. This is a quite popular brand. In the world of Swiss luxury wristwatch manufacturers and wristwatch brands, Maurice Lacroix is still a newcomer. The brand was born in 1975.

How would I rank Maurice Lacroix? I do believe that Maurice Lacroix should be ranked among the top 20-30 luxury wristwatch brands available on the market today.

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Double Retrograde GMT

(Image By Ferengi)

While it’s true that the brand has intended to move up the hierarchy of Swiss luxury brands, the original purpose of Maurice Lacroix is still as valid today as it was back in 1975: to provide affordable luxury watches which most people can enjoy and benefit from.

We shouldn’t compare Maurice Lacroix to brands such as Rolex, Omega and Breitling. The purpose of Maurice Lacroix is to offer affordable and attainable luxury. So if you’ve got a slight streak of snobbery, and you’re looking for in-house movements, a large array of super complicated movements, and a long, respected and venerable history, I’m afraid this isn’t the brand you’re looking for. In-house movements and movement complications are quite rare in this brand.

What Maurice Lacroix truly stands for is:

  • Affordable and attainable luxury.
  • Simple, minimalistic and ultra-modern design.
  • Affordable, robust and reliable movements.
  • Sporty looking divers watches.

Would I personally consider purchasing a Maurice Lacroix Pontos Diver Watch? Absolutely! They’re cool and modern looking timepieces. I’m especially keen on getting the Maurice Lacroix Pontos Diver Watch with a black leather strap. I usually prefer bracelets, but this particular leather strap is simply amazingly beautiful.

The coolest aspect of all, is that you usually pay somewhere between $2,000-$3,500 (depending on the model) for a Maurice Lacroix divers watch with a 600 m/2000 ft water resistance!

Usually you have to pay a lot more than that to get this level of water resistance – the Omega Planet Ocean comes to my mind.

What characterizes the divers watches of this brand, is that they don’t have an outer or external bezel, rather the bezel sits inside the dial. This is a safety feature which makes it virtually impossible to accidentally nudge the bezel underwater, and that makes Maurice Lacroix Pontos Diver Watches ideal divers watches and tool watches.

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A Review of Maurice Lacroix’s ranking

My ranking of Maurice Lacroix: top 20-30 brands.

It’s debatable how you actually rank a brand, and a ranking is never objective, but the best way to turn a subjective ranking into an “objective” one is to rely on certain criteria. My ranking criteria of course are entirely subjective, and they aren’t set in stone.

I use 14 criteria in determining the ranking of a particular brand, such as (1) a long and respected history, (2) limited supply and large demand, (3) reputation/status/prestige, (4) whether the brand is independent or not, (5) pioneering spirit and innovations, (6) impact on watchmaking history and modern culture, (7) general in-house production, (8) whether the brand relies on in-house made movements or not, (9) whether or not the brand makes movement complications, (10) steel grade, (11) build quality, (12) price range, (13) good resale value, and (14) market presence.

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