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Brief information and technical specifications:

About Tudor:

Tudor is a subsidiary of Rolex and was established by Rolex’s founder Hans Wilsdorf in 1946, in order to offer customers a more affordable alternative, that would deliver the same reliability and quality as the parent company.

Rolex manufactures the Tudor watches at the Rolex facilities in Geneva, Switzerland.

Tudor is known to make very good and affordable divers, and sports watches, and it’s precisely sports, and diving that define Tudor as a brand. Tudor’s brand identity is of course also based on being a subsidiary of Rolex which can offer more affordable watches than the parent company.

Tudor is in a sense Rolex, but there are some key differences that set Rolex and Tudor apart:

  1. Rolex relies exclusively and 100% on in-house made movements. Tudor relies both on modified generic lower end ETA/Valjoux movements, and in-house made Tudor movements, manufactured by Rolex.
  2. All Rolex movements are chronometer certified. Only Tudor’s in-house made movements are chronometer certified. Tudor watches using modified generic lower end ETA/Valjoux movements are not chronometer certified.
  3. Tudor is considerably more affordable than Rolex which is first and foremost attributable to the fact that Tudor to a large extent uses Swiss ETA movements. This means Rolex is spared the manufacture and labor costs.
  4. Tudor uses a standard stainless steel grade called 316L, which is used by several other Swiss luxury wristwatch brands such as Omega and Breitling. Tudor unlike Rolex, also relies on titanium. Rolex on the other hand uses the 904L stainless steel alloy.
  5. Tudor has a slightly different design from Rolex. Aesthetically speaking, Tudor is more playful and experimental whereas Rolex tends to be more conservative and traditional. The aesthetical part is just a matter of taste – there is no right and wrong here. It’s up to you to decide which design is preferable.

About Tudor Heritage:

Maybe you wonder why Tudor Heritage has a “vintage look”. Its vintage look is a homage to the original Rolex Submariners of the 1950s. Just like the original Rolex Submariners of the 1950s and the 1960s, many watches within the Tudor Heritage collection don’t have a date function.

Opting for Tudor means you are opting for a watch which belongs to a respected, and admired Swiss luxury brand, and opting specifically for Tudor Heritage means you’ll get a watch with a classic and timeless design.

Buying a Tudor means that you’ll get a taste of the Rolex brand, but in a considerably more reasonable price range.

If you’ve always wanted a brand-new, fresh from the factory divers watch with a vintage look, Tudor Heritage might just be the watch you are looking for.


  • Tudor automatic movement 2824, base movement Swiss automatic ETA 2824, with 25 jewels, 28,800 vph, and a 38 hour power reserve.
  • Tudor automatic movement 2892, base movement Swiss automatic ETA 2892, with 55 jewels, 28,800 vph, and a 42 hour power reserve. This is a chronograph movement.
  • Tudor in-house automatic movement MT5601, with 28,800 vph, and a 70 hour power reserve.
  • Tudor in-house automatic movement MT5602, with 28,800 vph, and a 70 hour power reserve.

Date Function:

  • Some of their watches have a date function and some of them don’t.


  • Some of their watches have a chronograph function. All of their watches have the basic time functions: hour-, minute-, and second hands.

Case Material:

  • 316L stainless steel.

Case Dimension:

D = Diameter. TH = Thickness:

  • D: 41mm.
  • D: 42mm.

Case Back:

  • Solid case back.


Depends on the model.

  • Some watches have a unidirectional bezel.
  • Some watches have a bidirectional bezel.


  • Sapphire crystal.

Strap Materials:

  • 316L stainless steel bracelets.
  • Leather straps.
  • Textile/cloth straps.


  • Fold-over clasp with safety.
  • Deployment buckle.

Water Resistance:

Depends on the model:

  • 100 meters/330 feet. You can go showering, bathing and swimming with the watch.
  • 150 meters/490 feet. You can go snorkeling and diving with the watch.
  • 200 meters/660 feet. You can go snorkeling and diving with the watch.

How do you know which watch offers you a 200 meter/660 feet water resistance?

It’s indicated on the dial of the watch, and the Tudor Heritage watches with a depth rating of 200 meters/660 feet all have three things in common: they look like vintage watches, they have no chronograph, and they have no date.

If the Tudor Heritage has a more “modern” look, has a chronograph, and a date, then you can be fairly certain that the water resistance is either 100 meters/330 feet, or 150 meters/490 feet.

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