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Hey everyone, I am Alexander and I have been a Swiss Luxury Watch “fiend” since 2009.Founder of Swiss Divers Watches5

I’ve always been fascinated with horology, handmade luxury and intricate instruments. I love Swiss luxury watches and that’s why I created this website, in order to share my passion with you.

I’m specifically a fan of Swiss Divers Watches. I think they are quite simply the most aesthetically appealing timepieces in the world – a true work of art and artisanship.

My interest in Swiss watchmaking started when I was a boy – probably when I was 7-10 years old. The first time I actually began to appreciate Swiss luxury watches started in my late adolescence, when my father presented me with my paternal grandfather’s favorite timepiece: a vintage IWC Schaffhausen made in platinum, dating back to the 1960s.

My professional background isn’t within horology at all, but horology however  is one of my few and true passions in life. My mother’s grandfather was a professional horologist, and I guess the passion for horology skipped a few generations.

Swiss Divers Watch

Something about my interest in Swiss watchmaking

Horology is the science of measuring time and producing time measuring instruments. Horology is a Greek word and stems from two separate Greek words – “hóra” which means “time” or “hour”, and “logos” or “logy-“ which means “science”. Horology means literally “time science”.

The art of measuring time has existed for thousands of years since ancient Egypt and the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia. In 1275, mechanical clocks were invented in England. In 1541 the Swiss watch industry was born. The mechanical clocks that have existed for centuries are the precursors of the modern wristwatches that we today take for granted.

Time Accuracy

I love to talk about luxury timepieces. I love to talk about their origins, the history of the various Swiss luxury watch brands, analyzing and examining the quality, accuracy and durability of the movements, the steel grade, the price and the prestige and perception of various luxury watch brands, the technical and mechanical differences that set luxury watch brands apart from each other, and how to select a luxury watch brand and model that will appeal to your personality, your sense of fashion and aesthetics, and your sense of comfort.

Switzerland is not the only nation that produces luxury timepieces, but Swiss Made timepieces do evoke a feeling of quality, exclusivity and luxury that is highly coveted all over the world and set them apart from most non-Swiss brands.  It’s not a coincidence that Swiss luxury watchmakers such as Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Rolex, Tudor, Omega, Breitling, IWC, Oris, Longines or Tissot, just to mention a few, are coveted, and desired by so many people across the globe.

What matters to me when purchasing a Swiss Luxury Watch is of course having access to rich information and vivid descriptions on various brands and models, and where to find them, and where to buy them online below retail price.

Over the years I’ve discovered that there is a growing global interest in purchasing Swiss Luxury Watches, and more specifically –  Swiss Divers Watches, below retail price, on the web.

It’s not only a question of price – it’s also a question of making an informed decision on what timepiece you would like to buy and why you want to buy it. Remember: it’s your hard earned money that you want to spend well! It’s important that the particular timepiece in question is aesthetically appealing to you, comfortable, makes practical sense to you and gives you a sense of luxury and satisfaction.

Many people struggle on the web on how to find information and data on the individual timepiece itself, why to buy it, what to think of when buying it, how to find vivid and rich descriptions of the technical details and aesthetics of the particular brand and model that appeals to you, and where to find it online below retail price. Purchasing a Swiss Luxury Watch online shouldn’t be a struggle. Purchasing a Swiss Luxury Watch online should be an enjoyable experience itself.

I want to make the experience of purchasing luxury watches online, enjoyable, direct, simple, straightforward and easy for you. Since you spend a lot of money on the timepiece of your dreams, you deserve attention, service and information.

For that reason, I decided to create swissdiverswatches.com.

If you ever need any feedback or support regarding a timepiece, I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with new information that I come across that I know you will find interesting.

Anyways, I wish you all the best in finding the timepiece of your dreams and thank you for dropping by!

Cheers,Founder of Swiss Divers Watches5


Founder and Owner of Swiss Divers Watches


email. alex@swissdiverswatches.com



9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. loretta

    Alexander – what exquisite workmanship you have done with this website. I have bookmarked it to go over the FAQs (there are the best compilation of information I have found since researching this topic). I also want to spend more time reading the reviews.

    I am in the market to purchase a special gift for my brother in celebration of his 28 years retirement from the US Army (Cmd Sgt/Maj). My sister and I (so very proud of him) are sharing the cost and she is stuck on Rolex. I am partial to Omega. I think my brother will be floored by whichever we “honor” him with. Your site will be helping in our decision-making and purchase, indeed.

    I especially enjoyed reading your Bio… your grandfather, eh? What interesting family history.

    Thank you for this incredible website. It really is interesting, informative and appealing.

    1. Alexander Post author

      Thank you Loretta!
      I’m glad you like the site.
      Yes – ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with wristwatches, but my specific fascination with luxury watches, most likely started when my father showed me his father’s vintage IWC watch in my late teens.
      My mother’s maternal grandfather (3 generations before I was born) was a professional watchmaker.

      You have every reason to be proud of your brother and his military career, and I’d be more than happy to help you out to find a suitable watch for him. You probably should ask him in person what sort of watch he likes and what kind of style and design he prefers. Rolex or Omega – they’re both great brands. In fact, these are my two favorite brands of all time. Personally, I’ve got a soft spot for Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster Professional – and both of them happen to be Swiss Made divers watches.

      You are always welcome to my site Loretta.
      Best regards

  2. Lou-Ellen

    There really is something to be said about Swiss watches. The first watch I ever begged my parents for was a Swatch divers watch. Even though I never dive, I just thought it would be awesome to have something that could go over 100m ocean deep hahaha. Plus, I love their look and colors. Of course, I grew out of Swatch and moved onto Tag Heuer. But I know what you mean. Something just unique and appealing about Swiss watches.

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hi Lou-Ellen. I absolutely agree with you. As a kid, I was wearing Swatch as well (what a coincidence!) but as I grew up and as my taste in watches changed considerably, I wanted something very different – I wanted a quality timepiece – a true handicraft – something which truly represented luxury and artisanship. That’s really how my fascination with Swiss luxury watches started.

  3. wayne

    Hello, nice frame work. Your site looks great. You have chosen right, a topic you have some interest; your making progress.
    Continuing sharing your passion,


  4. Ken

    Great to read about you and you family. Until my divorce changed me financially, I love watches. My collection was small, about10 watches, I had to pawn to survive.
    Is a scuba diver I had 2 drive watches in my collection. Wish one was a Swiss, I was never that lucky. Someday a hope to start my collection again.

  5. Alexander Post author

    I’m very glad that you like the site Gary! It’s a pleasure having you here!
    When the site is ready, you’re more then welcome to pay a visit and I will personally assist you in finding a watch – if that is what you wish.

    Best regards

  6. Gary


    Just a quick note to say that I really enjoy your site so far.
    It has a great start and I love the way you are sharing your passion as it really comes through in a very honest and knowledgeable fashion.

    Keep up the great work, best regards,



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