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Raymond Weil – A Family Owned Newcomer From Geneva

History, Mission, Manufacture, Movements, Reputation, Ranking & Pricing

Raymond Weil Brand Review By Alexander – Founder and Owner of swissdiverswatches.com

A Review of Raymond Weil’s history

Raymond Weil Parsifal(Image By Marcvarnet)

In 1976, Mr Raymond Weil started his watch manufacturing company named after him. Raymond Weil is an independent and family owned company established in Geneva in Switzerland where the headquarters are located even today. It’s one of the most recent newcomers in the Swiss watch industry.

In 1976, in the middle of the Swiss watch industry crisis (caused by competing affordable quartz/battery movements), Mr Raymond Weil decided to start the watch manufacturer Raymond Weil in Geneva, in Switzerland.

Mr Raymond Weil started a very small and humble boutique, but his professionalism and his passion for watchmaking soon made his company a success.

In the following years, the brand Raymond Weil rapidly developed, and due to this fact, the manufacturer needed to increase and expand its competitiveness.

In 1982, Raymond Weil’s son-in-law Olivier Bernheim joined the firm. Mr Bernheim modernized and restructured the entire organization of the firm, and in 1996, Olivier Bernheim became the President and CEO of Raymond Weil.

The brand was and still is heavily influenced by classical music. The collections of Raymond Weil are named after composers and their musical art. Examples would be the Mozart Collection, and Fidelio, Traviata and Saxo – named after some musical performances by Beethoven. Examples of other collections are Toccata, Fantasia and Otello.

In the 1990s, Raymond Weil launched new collections: the Parsifal Collection, the Tango Collection and the Tradition Collection.

Below: Raymond Weil Parsifal.

Raymond Weil Parsifal(Image By Marcvarnet)

Below: Raymond Weil Tango.

Raymond Weil Tango(Image By Marcvarnet)

In 1999, the independent watch manufacturer, intended to embrace the latest horological and technological innovations. Raymond Weil established a Research & Development department. Raymond Weil has since then created a Two Time Zones complication and an interchangeable bracelet system for a ladies’ collection.

In 2006, Olivier Bernheim’s two sons – Pierre and Elie Bernheim joined the Geneva based watch manufacturer. They brought with them new knowledge of the art of watchmaking and introduced the Raymond Weil Nabucco Collection – masculine water resistant sports watches with a split second chronograph function and a carbon fibre case.

Below: Raymond Weil Nabucco. These water resistant sports watches are available for purchase on this website.

Raymond Weil Nabucco(Image By Marcvarnet)

In 2008: Since Raymond Weil draws its inspiration from the world of music, it has built partnerships with several musical events such as the BRIT Awards. Raymond Weil and BRIT Awards have been partners since 2008.

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A Review of Raymond Weil’s mission

Raymond Weil has embraced four main principles that they believe define them as a brand:

  • Independence.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Creativity.
  • Horology – the art of watchmaking.

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A Review of Raymond Weil’s manufacture

Raymond Weil(Image By James Daisa)

Raymond Weil is inspired by music and it is indeed the world of (classical) music which has inspired Raymond Weil’s naming for their various collections – including the Nabucco Collection.

Raymond Weil is geographically located in Geneva – the most prestigious location of the most prestigious Swiss watchmakers. Raymond Weil harnesses the several centuries old Swiss tradition of quality, precision and attention to detail.

To my knowledge, Raymond Weil doesn’t make any in-house made movements, but the movements they use, are reliable and accurate ETA/Valjoux movements manufactured by Swatch Group.

Raymond Weil values aesthetics which is clearly visible in their design – they do make beautiful watches. The manufacturer is known to make relatively affordable automatic watches, of good craftsmanship. Raymond Weil is defined by quality and attention to details throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Each Raymond Weil watch needs to go through 350 quality checks before the watch receives Raymond Weil’s quality label.

Raymond Weil is a future oriented brand which is constantly finding new ways to improve their technology.

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A Review of Raymond Weil’s movements

As far as the Raymond Weil Nabucco divers watches/water resistant sports watches are concerned, they use ETA/Valjoux movements.

Raymond Weil Nabucco:

  • Valjoux 7753 automatic chronograph movement, with 27 jewels, 28,800 vph, and a 46 hour power reserve.

This is a rather generic and commonly used ETA/Valjoux movement manufactured by Swatch Group, but it’s a robust, reliable and accurate movement. It’s not a fancy in-house made movement but it does its job exceedingly well.

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A Review of Raymond Weil’s reputation

The manufacturer is known for making relatively affordable watches of fine craftsmanship.

To my knowledge, Raymond Weil is a successful brand which offers their watches at retailers all over the world. It isn’t the most famous Swiss brand in the world, but to my knowledge, Raymond Weil has a good and decent reputation – I have actually never heard anything unfavorable about the brand. I’d say that Raymond Weil is an entry-level Swiss luxury brand.

Raymond Weil is a very young Swiss watch manufacturer – they were established in 1976 in Geneva, in Switzerland. It’s a very unusual brand because it’s one of very few independent and family owned companies left in the Swiss luxury watch industry.

As far as ranking is concerned, I would place Raymond Weil in the top 20-30 luxury watch brands of the world.

Raymond Weil Freelancer

(Image By Marcvarnet)

Most of their watches and collections use automatic movements – few of them use quartz/battery movements, and most Raymond Weil Collections are dress watches. The Raymond Weil Nabucco Collection, is different – it’s the sportiest collection of them all, offering watches that are water resistant down to 660 feet / 200 meters.

The Raymond Weil Nabucco watches have in my opinion a perfect blend of elegance and sporty utility and practicality – they could be used as dress and tool watches.

All Nabucco watches are chronographs and utilize the Swiss Valjoux 7753 automatic chronograph movement, which means it isn’t an in-house made movement – it’s a generic and commonly used ETA/Valjoux movement, manufactured by Swatch Group, but it’s an accurate, reliable and robust movement.

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A Review of Raymond Weil’s ranking

My ranking of Raymond Weil: top 20-30 brands.

It’s debatable how you actually rank a brand, and a ranking is never objective, but the best way to turn a subjective ranking into an “objective” one is to rely on certain criteria. My ranking criteria of course are entirely subjective, and they aren’t set in stone.

I use 14 criteria in determining the ranking of a particular brand, such as (1) a long and respected history, (2) limited supply and large demand, (3) reputation/status/prestige, (4) whether the brand is independent or not, (5) pioneering spirit and innovations, (6) impact on watchmaking history and modern culture, (7) general in-house production, (8) whether the brand relies on in-house made movements or not, (9) whether or not the brand makes movement complications, (10) steel grade, (11) build quality, (12) price range, (13) good resale value, and (14) market presence.

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Raymond Weil Nabucco(Image By Marcvarnet)

Raymond Weil Official Website

*Most Raymond Weil Nabucco watches lack the traditional diver’s bezel and may not necessarily be regarded as “real divers watches”, but almost all of them fulfill the minimum water resistance requirements of divers watches, which is 330 feet / 100 meters. The minimum water resistance level of most Raymond Weil Nabucco watches is 660 feet / 200 meters.

If you have any comments or questions please drop them below and I’ll be happy to answer them!


13 thoughts on “Raymond Weil brand review

  1. Neil Cole

    My then-wife bought me a Raymond Weil watch back in 1987. I still have it and it keeps perfect time and looks as good as when first had it. It’s quartz, rather than mechanical, but very slim and elegant and I have received compliments on its appearance. For me, the only downside is that my then-wife paid about the same for it in 1987 as a Rolex would have cost, but the value of the Rolex has soared in the intervening years whereas the RW has not! But, the watch does its job perfectly, looks great and I love it!

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hi Neil and a very warm welcome to swissdiverswatches.com!

      I’m glad to hear that you enjoy your Raymond Weil quartz timepiece from 1987, and that it’s still working.
      And, yes that’s right, Rolex prices seriously started to soar back in the 1980s, since that is the decade Rolex got its almost mythological fame.


  2. Ben

    I’m very disappointed and shocked with Raymond Weil.

    I changed the battery and lost one of the tiny screws in the back, they refused to sell me one. I can understand not selling a movement, or internal part, etc. but a screw in the back???

    They want me to mail the watch to them, they will sell me the screw, plus labor, plus shipping it back, plus tax, for a total of around $60.00 to replace 1 small screw for outside the watch.

    I would never buy from such a company again, neither should you!!!
    That’s my opinion.

    PS Permission to pass this along.

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hello Ben and a very warm welcome to swissdiverswatches.com!

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Raymond Weil’s customer service. You aren’t the first to complain about this brand.

      I haven’t personally had any dealings with Raymond Weil’s customer service, and I don’t have any Raymond Weil timepieces in my collection, so I can’t personally comment on this brand.

      I sincerely hope that the poor customer service you encountered isn’t truly representative of Raymond Weil as a brand. If it is, then Raymond Weil needs to rethink their relationship with their customers and watch buyers such as yourself; otherwise, they’ll lose customers.

      My advice to you, Ben, is this: There are plenty of Swiss luxury watch brands to choose from, so don’t let this experience with Raymond Weil discourage you from purchasing watches in the future from other brands.


  3. Hayden

    This post makes me feel better about the purchase I made with them recently for my boy friend’s birth day gift.
    Their customer service is the worst customer service interaction I’ve ever experienced .. absolutely horrendous.
    I took me almost 3 weeks of communicating with them, begging for them to send me the product and begging to get the tracking number lol (they just sent the item today).
    I appreciate you for making this reviews out here and it really help me justify the situation and made myself feel better lol
    Thank you and keep it up please! have a good holiday

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hello Hayden and a very warm welcome to swissdiverswatches.com!

      I’m delighted to hear that you find my post useful, but equally saddened to hear that Raymond Weil has a poor customer service record, and disgruntled and disillusioned customers.
      I’m sorry to hear you had go through this treatment as a customer while purchasing a watch from Raymond Weil.

      It’s obviously in their best interest to treat you and everyone else with respect and dignity.
      It would be interesting to hear the experiences from other Raymond Weil buyers.

      I’m grateful that you speak out publicly about your experiences as this is precisely the purpose of these brand specific reviews here on my website.

      I sincerely hope that this negative experience you’ve had with Raymond Weil’s customer service isn’t truly representative of their brand.
      Otherwise, I’d recommend you purchase your watches in the future from a different highly respected Swiss brand – and there are plenty of them!

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  4. Patrick

    Their customer reviews are horrendous and customer service bordering on criminal. Is this fake or real and if real why is Raymond Weil still in business ?

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hello Patrick and a very warm welcome to swissdiverswatches.com!
      So far I haven’t purchased a single timepiece yet specifically from the Raymond Weil brand, so I have no personal experience with their customer reviews or customer service.
      I haven’t heard anything negative about their brand so far, but their movements are rather generic ETA/Valjoux calibres. At their price point, they should at least in my opinion offer more upscale movements, such as in-house made calibres. Other than that – no I haven’t really heard anything bad about Raymond Weil yet.


      1. Michael Kelly

        I bought a Raymond Weil Nabucco Rivoluzione in 2011, and it has operated flawlessly in the 9 years that followed. My one criticism was the original crocodile strap, which was incredibly rigid. This always made the watch uncomfortable to wear. I replaced the strap with a rubber version (from another Nabucco model) which was supremely comfortable, and transformed my experience. The look of the watch is timeless, It is very discreet, so doesn’t attract attention from the uninitiated. In short, this is an incredible timepiece, which I still take time to soak in the details after many years of ownership

        1. Alexander Post author

          Yes Michael – that’s the pleasure of collecting watches! One can admire the beauty and aesthetics of one’s watch and yet find faults in minor details, and upgrade the straps, to improve the overall feel and experience to one’s timepiece.


    2. Anna

      I have two RW watches that my parents purchased in 2003 and after almost 20 years they’re still working beautifully, no issues.

  5. Steve Mather

    What do you think about Luminox watches? I’ve been agonizing over buying either the Luminox Atacama ($690) vs the Raymond Weil Tango 300 (on sale for $750). I’ve been looking for a water resistant stainless watch with good luminous markings.

    1. Alexander Post author

      Hello Steve and a very warm welcome to swissdiverswatches.com!

      Luminox makes excellent and affordable Swiss quality watches. Both watches are water resistant with good luminous markings. The difference between Luminox Atacama and Raymond Weil Tango 300, is that the Luminox has a 200 meter water resistance and a fixed bezel, while the Raymond Weil Tango 300, has a 300 meter water resistance and a unidirectional bezel.

      I would personally pick the Raymond Weil Tango 300 because:

      a) It’s a divers watch
      b) Has a unidirectional bezel, which can be used for timing events. This feature adds more utility to your watch.
      c) Is water resistant down to 300 meters
      d) Has a stainless steel bracelet, which is superior in quality to any leather strap out there. For daily wear, stainless steel bracelets are ideal, especially for an active life style.



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