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Please note that is an affiliate website and commercial blog specialized in offering reviews, advice and recommendations on relevant and specific Swiss luxury wristwatch brands and models, and information on where you can purchase these Swiss luxury wristwatches online below retail price. does not produce, manufacture, sell, purchase, stock or deliver any merchandise of any kind, neither to private individuals nor to any enterprises, businesses or companies. offers no products, catalogues, prices or options of any kind. As an affiliate website, acts as the middleman between the affiliate program of and buyers of Swiss luxury wristwatches.

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What Can Offer You?

This website is meant to optimize your online shopping experience by offering you:

  1. A Shopping Catalogue. Here you’ll find more than 20 respected Swiss luxury wristwatch brands.
  2. Reviews on highly respected Swiss luxury watch brands. The brand reviews are covering well over 20 respected Swiss luxury watch brands and manufacturers.
  3. Reviews on specific watch models – in case you need in depth information on particular timepieces.
  4. A blog – where you can read my recommendations and where you can personally ask me questions. Expertise, advice, and personal recommendations are immediately and readily available to you on the site, while you’re shopping for Swiss luxury watches.
  5. A Luxury Watch Encyclopedia, which you’ll find inside the blog menu. The Luxury Watch Encyclopedia offers you over 50 questions and answers on all aspects of the world of Swiss luxury watches! The page serves as an encyclopedia and a list of recommendations all in one.

This website exists solely for the purpose of helping and aiding You personally in making an educated decision on which timepiece You ought to buy, in order to match your personality, needs and lifestyle.

How I Can Assist You is a luxury watch blog specialized in reviewing and recommending Swiss Made divers watches (divers watches of Swiss origins), and is indeed recommending where on the web you can purchase particular Swiss Made divers watch models or divers watch brands.

If you need advice on selecting particular Swiss Made divers watch models or brands, or divers watch models and/or brands in general (Swiss and non-Swiss) – contact me either at my email or at my Blog.

Please list:

  1. Your specific requirements – regarding movements, brand/manufacturer, accuracy, functions, aesthetics etc.
  2. Your budget.
  3. Your daily needs – meaning what you will use your timepiece for on a daily basis.

I’ll do my very best to find, and recommend a watch that most likely would match your daily needs, and priorities – and where to find the specific timepiece below retail price online.

Since my blog is specialized in divers watches in general, and Swiss Made divers watches in particular, it means you’re more than welcome to contact me for general inquiries, specific questions, watch brand specific questions, watch model specific questions, and advice on which specific timepiece would most likely match your personality and daily life – only if your questions specifically pertain divers watches in general and/or Swiss Made divers watches in particular.

I’d be more than happy to help you out, and to answer your questions. Since you’ll most likely spend a hefty amount on a Swiss Made luxury watch – you do in fact deserve attention, advice, and support in your purchase plans.

If there is a particular brand or timepiece that you are looking for but can’t find at the website, you are more then welcome to contact me. I’ll do my very best to find your requested timepiece at a suitable online retailer. 

How I Cannot Assist You

What this website specifically cannot offer you:

  1. does not produce, manufacture, sell, purchase, stock or deliver any merchandise of any kind, neither to private individuals nor to any enterprises, businesses or companies, and this blog has no control over products and/or product descriptions on any third party sites that is linked to. has de facto and de jure no control over the available stock of watches on the retailers’ websites. Emails and requests to either sell merchandise (watches and watch straps) to or to request this site to sell, stock and deliver merchandise (watches and watch straps) will be ignored.
  2. also does not asses or estimate the authenticity, origins or the current market-value of your specific personal timepiece. For this purpose, you need to visit a physical local retailer that can physically hold your timepiece in their hands and evaluate the value of your timepiece. Emails and requests to have evaluate and assess the authenticity, origins or current market-value of your specific personal timepiece will be ignored, for the reasons specificed above.

Since receives a very large amount of requests, questions, and emails on a weekly basis, priority needs to be given to people who need advice on selecting, finding and purchasing specific Swiss Made divers watch models, or need to ask questions or seek advice in general on the topic of divers watches.

Cheers,Founder of Swiss Divers Watches5


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