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A short history of Omega

Omega – From The Moon To The Deep – James Bond’s Choice

Omega is mainly known for five (5) things:

  1. the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch (NASA’s landing on the moon in 1969)
  2. the Omega Seamaster collection – Omega’s excellent divers watches
  3. James Bond’s wristwatch of choice
  4. very accurate, precise and reliable chronometer certified Omega movements
  5. English watchmaker George Daniel’s invention – the co-axial escapement

In 1848, the 23 year old Louis Brandt established the forerunner of Omega in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland.

The name Omega is derived from the last letter in the Greek alphabet called Omega (Ω). Since ancient times, Omega (Ω) has been a symbol of mysticism and spirituality.

Omega has travelled farther and deeper than most luxury watch brands – to the Moon and to the bottom of the ocean! Omega is famous for its “Moon Watch” – the Omega Speedmaster, and its diverse and excellent divers watch collections – the Omega Seamaster collections.

This iconic watchmaker served as the watch of choice for the British Royal Airforce in 1917 and the US Army in 1918, and has the distinction of having won several prizes in time keeping precision and accuracy.

The moon landing in 1969, James Bond in 1995 and the co-axial escapement in 1999

In 1969, NASA landed on the moon and the famous American astronaut Buzz Aldrin used an Omega Speedmaster Professional on the outside of his space suit – making the Speedmaster directly exposed to the universe.

In 1995: Omega is also known as James Bond’s watch brand of choice since 1995, when Pierce Brosnan made his debut as James Bond. When Daniel Craig took over the role of James Bond in 2006, Omega has continued to be the watch brand of choice for the James Bond movie franchise.

In 1999, English watchmaker George Daniels made one of the greatest inventions in watchmaking history: the co-axial escapement – the automatic 2500 movement. Omega improved the technology and started producing these movements on a massive scale.

Omega’s scale of production and headquarters

Omega is the 2nd largest manufacturer of Swiss luxury watches: Omega manufactures roughly 500.000 watches per year – second only to Rolex.

The headquarters of Omega is today located in Biel/Bienne in Switzerland, and Omega is wholly owned by Swatch Group.

What makes a watch Swiss Made?

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