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A short history of Maurice Lacroix

The origins of the brand: Maurice Lacroix is a rather new Swiss Luxury Watch brand, founded in 1975, with headquarters in Zurich in Switzerland. Maurice Lacroix is a subsidiary of Desco von Schulthess, and this company has its roots in the silk trade and was founded as early as in 1889 – 86 years before Maurice Lacroix was established.

In 1980, Maurice Lacroix became so successful that its production facility in Saignelégier ceased producing watches and watch components for third parties.

Maurice Lacroix expanded considerably in the 1990s, and became a financial success and entered the exclusive club of Swiss luxury watch manufacturers.

In late 2006, Maurice Lacroix presented its very first in-house made automatic movement called ML 106.

What makes a watch Swiss Made?

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