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A short history of Oris

In 1904, Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, established Oris close to Hölstein in Basel-Country in Switzerland. The headquarters of Oris are still in the small Swiss city of Hölstein. Oris is one of very few independent Swiss watchmakers left in the Swiss luxury watch industry, which makes Oris a member of a very rare and exclusive club.

Oris is known for producing automatic or mechanical watches only. Watch enthusiasts around the world regard Oris as an exclusive Swiss brand which offers affordable mechanical watches.

The brand’s mission is to manufacture and offer only mechanical watches, at affordable prices.

According to Oris, they have never made a single battery driven watch, and they never will. Oris’ designs are practical and functional and made for daily usage.

Oris is an expert in professional and reliable divers watches.

What makes a watch Swiss Made?

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