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Brief information and technical specifications:

About Hublot:

Hublot is a very young Swiss luxury watch brand, established by the Italian Carlo Crocco in 1980. Hublot is defined by Swiss technology, and Italian design – the combination of the two is the true trademark of this brand.

Hublot is committed to Swiss luxury and jewelry watches, combining unusual and unorthodox designs and materials for both the case and the strap.

The real reason for picking a Hublot watch is simply because of its unique design and aesthetics. Very few of the Hublot Big Bang watches are serious divers watches. Most of Hublot’s watches are water resistant sports watches.

As far as design and aesthetics are concerned, Hublot is like no other brand out there.

The brand is known for combining natural materials (such as natural rubber) with precious materials. Mr Crocco who founded Hublot, decided to call the brand “Hublot” since he was looking for a very particular form, design and shape for his watches, and he became fond of the round ventilators which can be found on ships. These ship ventilators are called “Hublot” in French, hence the name of this brand.

If you like something which is radically different from the more traditional and conservative designs of say Rolex, Omega and Breitling – this is it! Hublot is the brand you are looking for, because there is absolutely nothing traditional or classic about this brand’s design.

As far as ranking is concerned, Hublot probably deserves to be ranked among the world’s top 15 luxury brands.

The Hublot Big Bang Collection is the flagship of Hublot, and indeed defines the essence of the brand, and defines the radically unorthodox and experimental aesthetics and design of Hublot.

The Hublot Big Bang Collection is so dominant within the brand, that Hublot’s fame and success stand and fall with the Big Bang collection. When people take an interest in the Hublot brand, you can be 99% certain, that they are referring to the Hublot Big Bang Collection.

About Hublot Big Bang King Power Oceanographic:

Hublot Big Bang King Power Oceanographic – the extreme divers watches, have a water resistance of 1,000 meters/3,280 feet. The most extreme watches within this collection, have an even higher water resistance of 4,000 meters/ 13,000 feet! These timepieces are fairly large – their case diameter is 48mm. These watches come mainly in the following materials: 18 carat rose gold, carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum.

Without question, the Hublot Big Bang King Power Oceanographic watches, are true divers watches that can be used at the most extreme depths.

The Big Bang collection is defined by five major points:

  • The Big Bang watches employ natural rubber straps attached to cases made of highly unusual and unorthodox materials.
  • The Hublot Big Bang watches have a totally unique design which sets this brand, and this family of watches apart from all other brands and collections out there.
  • The Big Bang watches are essentially water resistant dress and sports watches.
  • Minimum water resistance is 100 meters/330 feet.
  • The divers watches, within the Hublot Big Bang collection, are specifically referred to as Hublot Big Bang King Power Oceanographic.


  • Hublot in-house automatic movement HUB 1400, with a 42 hour power reserve.
  • Hublot in-house automatic movement HUB 1401, with a 42 hour power reserve.

Date Function:

  • Yes


  • Basic time functions: hour-, minute-, and a second hand and a date window.
  • Inner bidirectional bezel operated from the outside with a crown/button.

Case Material:

This is the true essence, spirit and speciality of Hublot. You’ll find a very large range of materials being used for the Hublot Big Bang King Power Oceanographic watches:

  • 18 carat rose gold.
  • Carbon fiber.
  • Titanium.
  • Aluminum.

Case Dimension:

D = Diameter. TH = Thickness:

  • D: 48mm.

Case Back:

  • Solid case back.


  • Inner bidirectional bezel operated from the outside with a crown/button.


  • Sapphire crystal.

Strap Materials:

  • Rubber strap.


  • Fold-over clasp with safety.

Water Resistance:

Depends on the model.

  • 1,000 meters/3,280 feet.
  • 4,000 meters/13,000 feet.

Hublot Big Bang King Power Oceanographic is absolutely suitable for diving.

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