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Buy Tissot PRS 200 watches

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The reviewer below is not affiliated with, but does offer you an excellent take and review on Tissot’s legendary divers watch model – the Tissot PRS 200.

“PRS” is an acronym which stands for Precision, Robustness and Sportiness.

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Brief information and technical specifications:

About Tissot:

Tissot was founded by Charles-Félicien Tissot, and his son Charles-Émile Tissot in Le Locle, in Neuchâtel, in Switzerland in 1853. Today Tissot is owned by Swiss Swatch Group. The headquarters of Tissot are still located in Le Locle in Switzerland.

Tissot is one of the most affordable and famous Swiss luxury watch brands on the market, and Tissot is within the financial reach of most people, and it’s a very successful brand. Tissot offers their watches at retailers in more than 160 countries!

What is Tissot associated with?

Tissot is primarily associated with being the official timekeeper and partner of several sports events and organizations such as FIE Fencing, FIM Superbike World Championship, FIBA Basketball, MotoGP (motorcycling racing), and IIHF Ice Hockey, just to mention a few examples.

What characterizes Tissot:

Tissot is very prominent in the fields of advanced functions or added functions, high-technological wristwatches and special materials.

Tissot has consistently belonged to the most innovative watch manufacturers for the last 150 years, and Tissot can take a lot of credit for much of the technological development of watch movements.

As far as ranking is concerned, Tissot probably ranks among the top 30-40 luxury watch brands in the world.

About Tissot PRS 200:

This is the legendary Tissot PRS 200 – one of Tissot’s most popular and successful collections of all time. This collection has a very classic, classy and elegant exterior.

“PRS” stands for Precision, Robustness and Sportiness, and “200” stands for its depth rating – 200 meters (660 feet). If elegance and class define the exterior of Tissot PRS 200, than Precision, Robustness and Sportiness define the interior of Tissot PRS 200.

Tissot PRS 200 is a divers watch collection, which is very affordable and has got many interesting features that might interest you: all of their watches are water resistant down to 200 meters/660 feet, all of their watches are equipped with a chronograph and a tachymeter, and all of their watches use the highly accurate Swiss quartz/battery movement Caliber G10.211.

All in all: a very reliable, practical, accurate, elegant and discrete watch.


  • Swiss quartz/battery movement ETA G10.212, with 4 jewels.

Date Function:

  • Yes.


  • All of their watches have chronographs and tachymeters and the basic time functions: hour-, minute-, and second hands.

Case Material:

  • Stainless steel.

Case Dimension:

D = Diameter. TH = Thickness:

  • D: 42mm.

Case Back:

  • Solid case back.


  • Unidirectional bezel.


  • Sapphire crystal.

Strap Materials:

  • Stainless steel bracelet.
  • Leather strap (calfskin).


  • Fold-over clasp with safety.

Water Resistance:

  • 200 meters/660 feet.

Tissot PRS 200 is suitable for diving.

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